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Bjorn Lomberg on the Green Revolution November 20, 2008

Posted by A Texan In Grad School in Economic Theories, Environmentalism.

Over at RealClearWorld.com there is an article by “The Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg.  As usual, his criticism of global warming policies is spot on.  My favorite paragraph is below:

The problem with the green revolution argument is that it doesn’t trouble itself about efficiency. It is most often lauded for supplying new jobs. But billions of dollars in tax subsidies would create plenty of new jobs in almost any sector: the point is that many less capital-intensive sectors would create many more jobs for a given investment of taxpayers’ money.

Towards the bottom of the article he suggests that of all methods to fight global warming, he believes investing directly in R&D is the best.  Of course he is ignoring that this will be an inherantly arbitrary decision plagued by lobbying.  Personally I support the do-nothing policy, but of all do-something proposals I am Pigouvian and support a uniform carbon tax with lowered income taxes.



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