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Palin vs. Kennedy December 23, 2008

Posted by A Texan In The Professional World in Uncategorized.

Ok…. so I try not to get too caught up in politics on this blog… I’m trying to become more disciplined about writing about my life in the professional world.  However, something hit me earlier today which I had to share:

What does Caroline Kennedy have over Sarah Palin?

It’s a great question.  After all, what qualifies, or has prepared, Kennedy to be a senator?  She’s been a good fundraiser… and she cares about education.  Whoop-de-doo.  YUP.  I think Sarah Palin was 10 times more qualified to be VP than Kennedy is to be senator.

In other news… the economy really is dragging.  I was reading the Kiplinger Letter today and finished it feeling entirely depressed.  Then I had a fellow broker come in and make an entirely way too low of an offer on one of my listings.  Nada.

And what about next year… well… one word comes to mind: lean.  Yep, I graduated from college to enter the work force in one of the worst times possible.  Well, at least it is from a hiring/pay standpoint.  Since I have a job, I can work safely in the knowledge that I’ll be able to eat and function.  However, the social lifestyle is nothing compared to what one expects to have when entering the professional work force.

A reminder to my readers… I’m on a largely commission focused job.  So… no deal flow equals low pay.  However, one must remember to be patient and to look for the opportunity in ever situation.  This one is that I get to prepare myself to be roaring when the market turns around.  After all… if you can make it in the tough times… you’ll do great in the easy times.



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