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People sure love to hate oil companies January 15, 2009

Posted by A Texan In Grad School in Energy.

From the New York Times’ Economix blog:

A recent consumer survey from Issues & Answers Network and Stratcom Communications, market research and consulting firms, asked respondents whether they felt “betrayed” as a result of the crisis, and if so, which entities they felt “betrayed” by. It also asked them which industries “had a MAJOR effect on the current economic environment.”

Here’s the results of a segment of the survey where respondents were asked if a given industry had an impact on the current crisis:

Why do oil companies rank above insurance and credit card companies?  An even more interesting question, though, is: Given how much energy prices have come down, will people give credit to the oil companies for the economy’s recovery?



1. russ - January 23, 2009

People seemingly always hate what they don’t understand

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