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People sure love to hate oil companies January 15, 2009

Posted by A Texan In Grad School in Energy.
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From the New York Times’ Economix blog:

A recent consumer survey from Issues & Answers Network and Stratcom Communications, market research and consulting firms, asked respondents whether they felt “betrayed” as a result of the crisis, and if so, which entities they felt “betrayed” by. It also asked them which industries “had a MAJOR effect on the current economic environment.”

Here’s the results of a segment of the survey where respondents were asked if a given industry had an impact on the current crisis:

Why do oil companies rank above insurance and credit card companies?  An even more interesting question, though, is: Given how much energy prices have come down, will people give credit to the oil companies for the economy’s recovery?


I’ll believe it when I see it January 14, 2009

Posted by A Texan In Grad School in Energy.
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Over at MasterResource.org, Michael Lynch states that, “an increase in offshore drilling is still on the policy table, which suggests Obama is taking a more rational approach to energy policy than many of his colleagues.”  I’m not going to hold my breath.  There’s too much pressure on politicians from the green lobbies.  Plus, gas is pretty cheap right now.  Gas prices will have to get really high before people will come around to opening up more space for drilling.

All that aside, Lynch has excellent arguments for off-shore drilling.